model, control and optimise your technology




Gain untapped knowledge of your systems through mathematical modelling and system identification. Whether you want to simulate, prove your assumptions or unlock new opportunities, our experience in mathematically modelling complex systems will get you there.


What are you doing with the outputs of your systems? Leverage our skill-set in feeding back system outputs to improve your systems performance. A history of advanced control system design at the cutting edge allows us to develop the right autonomy for your system.


Push your systems to the next level. You know they can do better, we can get you there. Redesigning to reduce costs and increase performance will give you the competitive edge  to keep you ahead. Complacency is for second place, don't be left behind.

know your systems


Rovers don't land on Mars by trial and error; intimate system knowledge is the entry requirement for pushing the boundaries.

Find out what drives performance and value for your system through advanced mathematical modelling.

We will work with you to determine and deliver the most suitable mathematical models of your system according to your needs and available resources.

A decade of experience with flexible modelling tools such as MATLAB/Simulink, languages from Python to C/C++ and industries as demanding as wind energy, gives us the skills you need to get the job done right.


control your systems


How intelligent is your system's intelligence?

Modern mechatronic systems are designed to perform autonomously, so you can concentrate on the mission objective and not the minutiae.

Our skills have been honed leading the classroom and leading industry. Whether you need relay based logic to automate a production cycle or you need a dynamic multi-variable control system to maximise investment returns from a wind turbine, we can provide the perfect balance of performance and reliability you need from your controller.


Classical Control


Stability analysis

Signal processing

Gain Scheduling

Modern Control


Extended/Unscented Kalman Filtering

Model Predictive Control



optimise your systems


You know your system, so you know your system can do better.

We can show you how to increase system performance so that you can stay ahead of the competition. Quantifying the key values in your technologies allows us to work with your design team to push your designs further where it matters.